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Who can contribute to our lockssl.com?

If you are interested in technology stuffs, startups, business or innovations, you are welcome as a contributor to our website lockssl.com.  Your technical knowledge on any topics such as Technology, security, breaches, etc. would be quite useful to us.

Niche we focus, You can Write for us in Technology, security, breaches, software tips etc.,

How to become lockssl.com contributor?

You can submit the application here. Our editorial team would decide whether your technical knowledge can be used for our website. After approval, we would send you a link to create the contributor account.

What could be the frequency of article submission?

We always prefer our regular contributors and you can contribute as much as you want. Your work should be relevant and should meet our standard.

Are guest posts paid?

No. Currently, we are not paying anything to the guest posts.

How article approval takes place?

After your article submission through WordPress, it goes to our editorial board. It takes some time to review your work. Your article will be appreciated and prioritized if it is related to the ongoing topic on the lockssl.com. After approval by our Editorial Board of lockssl.com, you would get the editing and reviewing notification of your article. After this revision and editing, your work will be published on lockssl.com. Otherwise, you might not get any notification. In the later case, please consider your work being rejected and be assured that your work would not be used on our website.

Does every submitted article gets published?

No. Low quality and irrelevant articles are immediately rejected.

What could be the waiting period?

Expect your article to be published within a week or it might take more than a month as well. It is dependent upon the length and topic of the content.

My submitted article can be seen on WordPress. When can it get published?

This means our Editorial Board is still reviewing your work. If you no longer see your content, consider it being rejected.

What should be the word limit?

It should be between 600 to 800 words. Anything longer will delay the article.

Will page analytics be shared with me?

No. Lockssl.com does not share page analytics (such as page views) but you can see the number of shares on the social networking website.

Can I share my article on other websites?

Yes. You have the right to do so. It would be kind of you to inform us via email on contributors@lockssl.com with subject REQUEST FOR REPUBLISH.

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