Windows Bitlocker Encryption can be defeated with an easy trick!

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It is now possible to defeat the Windows Bitlocker with just a simple trick. It is now a concern for your security. You should be beware of this as someone might use this against you. You have to be concerned especially when your computer runs on Windows operating system and it uses Windows Bitlocker hard drive encryption software. By breaking the bit locker down, anyone who has physical access to your computer can open your file within few seconds.

Windows Bitlocker Encryption

It is so easy to defeat the Windows Bitlocker Encryption that any novice can do this by following simple steps. All you have to do is hold SHIFT plus F10 keys during Windows 10 update process.

Sam Laiho who is a security researcher found out that this method of defeating Windows Bitlocker encryption. He discovered that any attacker can open a command line interface with system priveleges just by pressing the SHIFT plus F10 key during the installation of newly built Windows 10 operating system on your PC.

After pressing Shift and F10 simultaneously, the command line interface (called CLI) give permission to attacker to access the computer’s hard drive fully. The computer grants permission even when the computer has Bitlocker disk encryption activated.

The secret behind this trick is explained by Laiho. He informs that during the Windows 10 operating system up-gradation on your PC, the computer disables the Bitlocker during the Windows PE installs a brand new image of the main Windows 10 operating system. The PE here stands for Pres-installation Environment.

On pressing SHIFT and F10 at the same time, the command prompt opens up. And through this command prompt, it was unfortunately observed hard disk was accessible during the upgrade as Microsoft Windows 10 disables the Bitlocker.

This shift and F10 key feature was present in early versions of Windows as well. It was there on Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well. But this flaw is quite evident in Windows 10 operating system.

The easiest way to prevent this attack is to never leave your PC unattended while installation of new Windows 10. This method is recommended by Laiho. The security researchers advises Windows 10 users to be on Windows 10 LTSB (Long Time Servicing Branch) versions. It is so because this Windows 10 LTSB does not upgrades on its own.

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