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Thawte is a South African company and they are the provider of X.509 certificates. Around the year 1955 mark shuttle worth had started this company and now this have been named as the largest public certificate issuer on the internet.

Thawte SSL Certificate Authority originally starts running from a garage aimed to provide secure servers for their users and to built ultimately improve their focus on certificates. Now it has been largely in the areas of sales, mergers and acquisitions. VeriSign bought thawte for $575 millions by the year of 1999. Ubuntu is an alternate browser for smart devices and computers, thawte use the sales money for funding this browser and its improvement.

The Good:

Thawte offers four different levels of SSL certificates namely 123 basic certificate, SSL web server certificates, EV SSL certificates and wildcard SSL certificates.

Fast issuing time:

Fast issuance is the best thing regarding thawte. SSL 123 certificates are meant specially for domain validation only, and it takes few hours of issuance time alone. Whereas other certificates takes 1-2 business days. Compared to other certificates their issuance time is comparatively less.

Help with product selection:

Product selection is an another important thing to make a note of it. Products offerd by thawte has their own unique value and feature, choosing the right kind of product will be more beneficial.

  • SSL 123 certificate: secure private connection for TLS and server to server communication
  • SSL web server Certifictes: Secure logins for employee and public ecommerce sites
  • EVSSL certificates: Ensures highest trust
  • Wildcard SSL: Secures unlimited subdomains

Liability Protection and Price alignment:

Appropriate amount of liability security can be experienced. EV SSL certificate has upto $ 1.5 million worth of coverage, max out $1.25 million worth of coverage.

Certificate center account and renew reminders:

Thawte supports certificate dashboard that reminds customers to renew their SSL certificates. In addition you can get regular mail updates.


Robust customer support included with phone, email and live chat support can  be experienced. US toll free number can be used tp incur an additional phone charge.

Browser Ubiquity:

Foreign SSL certificate offers a 99.9% browser ubiquity rating, it means you can work on Firefox, Google chrome, Internet Explorer and safari the leading browsers.  Even compatibility with opera like browsers is also possible.

International Bowser Compatibility:

Compatibility with IDNs ( International domain Names) id remarkable. This lets you to add other characters from other language domain names can be verified by all the browsers all around the world. They are offering Standard features.

The bad:

Alternate naming, is not that much outstanding in this thawte.

Lack of Alternate Naming:

All the levels of certificates are included in this thawte SSL certificates, for example, if your website name is www.domainname you can also secure them if the customers use””.

  • SSL web server certificates: $149 per year
  • EV certificates : $ 224 per year

Subpar Security Seals:

Wide of security seals are not there, hence we are expecting them to be improved. Only one site seal is present in thawte. Better certificate seals are expected from them.

Absence of specialized browser logo is a drawback in thawte.

The bottom line:

Do a research and consider the drawbacks while choosing the subject alternate naming for your websites. A standard feature differs slightly from a little bit in two of their certificates. Compared to other SSL companies the thawte prices, liability coverage is comparatively less. Increase conversions can be made possible only with the help of site seals, which is found to be less in thawte. If you are looking for the better liability coverage at an affordable rate then thawte is the best option which can offer Standard SSL certificate features.


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