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Thawte SSL Certificate
Thawte SSL

Thawte is one among those trusted SSL certificate founded by Mark Shuttle worth. It has the popularity that it was the first certificate authority which has issued SSL certificates to public entities. Around the year 2000 it was acquired by Symantec. More than 900,000 SSL certificates have been issued till date with unique international business services all over the world.

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Thawte SSL Certificate Overview

Increasing number of facilities online has made both the personal as well as professional works to be done online. Such enhancement and need has consequently increased the number of occurrence of fraudulent and hacking activities online. Preventing such activities and protecting your website visitors is the duty of each and every website owner. You may have some difficulty in searching for the right kind of protection service to your websites, if so then no need to worry here you can go for the better alternative solution to safeguard your online activities. One such activity through which you can provide safety and security to your customer’s online transaction is Thawte SSL certificate.

Types of Thawte SSL certificate

  • SSL web server certificate
  • Web Server with EV certificate
  • Wildcard SSL certificate
  • Code Signing and Individual Code Signing Certificate
  • SSL 123 certificate.

Getting any one of the above mentioned certificates you can prevent all your activities from being hacked by some other third persons. Some of the Top websites using Thawte SSL certificates are CDN finder, Travel 2 Egypt,, and Callbox. me. Going through Thawte SSL certificate reviews can give you a better idea regarding certificates and its effectiveness.

Standard world class services with the help of experts support have been established all over the world. IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) is its unique features, it enables more number of business people to navigate the web in a more secured manner. Nowadays it has been developed a one among those most trustable and successful SSL certificate authority. Several online users having business websites are making use of Thawte SSL Certificates.

Getting huge amount of traffics and visitors alone cannot give your customers good satisfaction. Giving proper response, safety and security to the visitors can give your website viewers an effective customer satisfaction.

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