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Symantec is one of the best and largest players in the website security industry. SSL certificates, Antivirus Norton, and many other web security services are some of the products they are offering.

Symantec SSL Certificate Reviews – Below mentioned are some of our reviews on SSL certificate brands. With the main focus on Artificial intelligence and technology it has been founded around the year 1982. After few days they developed their focus over web security and technology. Symantec is found to be one of the members of S&P 500 which is trading their service in the New York stock Exchange at a high rate. Over the years Symantec has acquired and undergone several mergers. In the year 2014, it has been split into two divisions namely Symantec and Vertias software. The company having the same name as Symantec works towards selling SSL certificates and many other online security products whereas the other software one is working with the main focus on information protection and management.

The first-rate quality SSL Product

Standardization for many fine products has been given by them for SSL certificate industry. It includes Standard SSL certificates, wildcard and extended validation. Even though their price is a little bit high rate, several consumers are believing that they are offering the best certificate products.

Assures Warranty

We can get “ the best range of coverage” with Symantec based on our own needs. One can get offers around $100,00 where as some others can get them at high rate for the liability of EV certificate. Liability coverage of each products differs from each other at high rate based on the type of service they are offering. Below mentioned are some of the different types of liability coverage in the SSL certificate

  • Secure Site: $1,500,000
  • Secure Site Pro : $1,500,000
  • Secure Site with EV: $1,750,000
  • Secure Site with EV Pro: $1,750,000
  • SSL Wildcard: $1,500,000

As they are offering SSL wildcard products at a bit high rate which is considered to be expensive for the small entrepreneurs, it is highly acceptable that they offer the best coverage within the industry for SSL certificates.

Unique Characteristics:

By making use of Symantec people within the industry can understand the best explanation of security product and its effective features. Features do not have been listed alone, but also they have been explained and verified with a detailed verification of a website. Some of the best security features are listed below.

  • Assessment of vulnerability: A regular public facing web page which is having high possibilities of security flaws will be scanned and submitted with a detailed report.
  • Organization authentication: A Symantec certificate has the ability to give full organization authentication to their customers whereas other providers are offering authentication only to their domains.
  • Scanning Malwares Regularly: detection of malwares and codes embedded with flaws will be routinely scanned by the certificates offered by Symantec.

Best Website seals:

Security seal not only works towards increasing the website conversions, but they can also reduce the number of visitors who have been bounced. Symantec is providing seal-in-search features to their customers, and they have been labeled as the only company providing this kind of services. For instance, while searching for the website online in google, Symantec seal will also be displayed as a part of them in their search listing. As this seal in search features have been labeled as the best one, seeking the support from Symantec will enable higher rankings to their websites.

Bang & Buck:

Symantec charges changes correspondingly from lower to higher rate based on the types of service and features they are seeking. Even though it costs high, SSL certificates packages are outstanding and incredible in providing services for what they have charged as fees. List of features and websites supports enables the user to feel free.

The terrible:

We have some drawbacks in the Symantec pricing options and features. Wildcard SSL certificate charges are considered to be little bit high. Highest prices that the Symantec usually charge for wildcard SSL 3 year certificate is $5095 within the industry. Even though it costs high you can get the best liability from Symantec.

Reliability, Security ratings & trustworthiness:

Trust and security ratings of Symantec are found to be very bad because of their own unique features of SSL certificates. Symantec is offering double lock security service to SSL wildcard certificates alone. As the price is high for SSL wildcard certificates, customers are expecting them to give higher rankings. Most of the ecommerce businesses and its owners are considering this as a potential security flaw to their products.

BBB reviews:

The one and only drawback which hesitate us is BBB reputation and its reliability. BBB page of Symantec website is found to have several complaints with 4 complaints unanswered. Presence of several complaints makes them to be at the rating of a B. Trends in BBB reviews are as follows.

  • 277 issuance with products and their services
  • 150-billing and collection complaints
  • 4- unanswered customer complaints

Above mentioned are some of the categories where Symantec business practices are getting high number of complaints, in order to retain the reputation of the company top SSL service provider should take necessary steps to sort out the business practices.

“No Entry “to small real websites:

We have some issues with the expectations of Symantec certificates, that they have been designed specifically for “ big businesses” and not for small business activities. It’s a big drawback that the Symantec are having today because all other type SSL security provider are offering services to all sorts of entrepreneurs irrespective of its size.

At the end:

At last we conclude with a bottom line that they are good at providing SSL security service. The only drawback which we are having now with Symantec is its high price rate for wildcard SSL certificate. Apart from that its unique sealing features, warranty liability, in- search indicating facilities are incredible.  Focusing on the complaints and rectifying them can enable Symantec to compete their competitors.


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