Swiss Sign SSL Certificate Reviews

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SwissPost, also known as Die Schweizerische Post, in 2005 acquired SwissSign AG that was originally found in 2001. This Swiss company is owned by the Swiss government that operates more than 2,400 post offices throughout the Switzerland.

Swiss Sign company provides financial services such as loans, savings, and mutual fund sales. Swiss Post has collaborated with Swiss Bank, UBS and Germany’s Münchener Hypothekenbank.


Swiss Sign SSL certificates

SwissSign facilitates basic SSL certificates (also called Standard SSL), Wildcard SSL and EV SSL certificates to its customers. SwissPost is a parent company of SwissSign, which takes security services for its clients and employees.

Highest Security Level
The company can protect your e-commerce site by providing highest possible protection and assurance. This is secured by company’s EV (Extended Validation).

Green bar
The company provides the green bar with the site approved and assured by it. This green bar helps the customer to trust the website they are using.

Seal of SSL certificate
SwissSign provides the seal of SSL certificate that helps to gain the trust of the website viewers and its customers.

Reliability of the company
You can rely on a company, which is a member of CA forum. SwissSign is one such company on which you can bank on.

Dedicated customer care number
SwissSign has a dedicated customer care number that can resolve all your queries without any delay. The client has a hotline number so that a client can clear its technical doubts without looking for a third party help. Other clients can email for clearing their doubts.

Organizational Validation OV
Retail websites can be assured by the Organizational Validation. When a site is trusted highly, the sales on the website surely boosts up. These websites include customer log-in, payments and e-banking.

Issuing speed
Certificates are issued pretty fast by SwissSign. The certificates are issued within few minutes or within few hours.


Non-aggressive price

SwissSign has not put the aggressive pricing for providing SSL certificate. Their market competitors provide the same feature at a lower cost but SwissSign has an edge over its reliability and speed of certificate issuance that might attract customers for availing this service.


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