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Profile photo of Stev Ballmer excel in maintaining their customer’s trust with their splendid service. Their latest technology is keeping the pace with the increasing threat in the internet world. They have made all the steps of acquiring a certificate simple as you can download agreement and procedures to have a SSL certificate.


Focus on service

Their primary focus is on providing signature and SSL certificates. Their warranty makes you trust them even more. Their primary focus has made the certificates fast and affordable to get.

Attractive Prices

Their prices are not as high as other players in the online market. Their prices are divided into three tiers: for Basic SSL, the price is $49 per year. The wildcard certificates are available at an attractive price of $225 per year. Enterprise EV certificates are issued at $299 per year. Their wildcard certificates are the most attractive of all.

Logo for your website

A logo and a security padlock might be an icing on the cake but this indeed increases visitors on your website. Security padlock and “https” on your domain bar of the website will build the trust of your site visitor.

Mobile Security

According to a survey by, the number of customers will increase by 25% at the end of 2017. So, provides security on mobile phones as well. provides mobile security service with all their certificates.

30 Day Refund won’t ask any reason if you want to cancel your certificate. Full money will be refunded if you cancel it within 30 days. We like the straightforward refund policy.

Fast Issuance

When even the standard certificates are issued within minutes, you can expect the speed of issuance of high end certificates. We are impressed with the speed issues the SSL certificates.


Fog over Subject Alt Naming

This is unclear whether subject alternate naming has been made available or not. It means that you can’t have both and at a single price.

CONCLUSION is recommended for high enterprise websites but not for small business website owners. We are just concerned with low trust that comes with each certificate at an attractive price.


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  • Efficiently communicate empowered alignments
  • Collaboratively formulate adaptive
  • Globally foster multidisciplinary functionalities


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  • Competently cultivate client-centered results for collaborative markets
  • Phosfluorescently optimize client-based functionalities
  • Objectively embrace long-term high-impact technology


Profile photo of Stev Ballmer
Technical journalist Stev Ballmer covers the latest technology news and trends, such as security, Apple news and app reviews for multiple publications.

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