San Francisco metro system hacked that resulted in free rides!

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When hackers are strong, they can hack into any system. They can hack into any organization whether be it a private or government organization. A similar case has happened in San Francisco when the hackers hacked into the metro system of the city with Ransom-ware that resulted in the free rides to the travellers.

This incident took place on Friday. More than 2000 computers of at San Francisco’s public transit agency were hacked. MUNI (Municipal Transportation Agency) offered free rides to its customers on November 26. They did so because station payment systems and schedule monitors were hacked. After the hack took place, a message on the monitor screen appeared that said:

“You Hacked, ALL Data Encrypted. Contact For Key( ,Enter.”

MUNI has confirmed that this attack took place in their metro system that resulted in free rides. They have even confirmed that this attack was a ransom-ware attack. This cyber-attack caused them to shut down their ticket kiosks. This shutting down of ticket kiosks made them to give free rides.

As it is quite evident in the message that appeared on the screen that it contained an email. With this email, a ransom payment can be arranged. This email was there to use it as the medium for ransom payment.

MUNI Spokesman Paul Rose told that their team was working towards the resolving of the problem. But they have not told us that how MUNI was attacked by the ransomware. He denied giving or disclosing further information on this ransomware attack as there was an ongoing investigation.

MUNI takes care of trains, cable cars and trams. Even buses around the city come under the authority of MUNI. They have confirmed that the payment service was resumed in the morning of November 27. They have claimed that trains were not affected themselves.

It is not even known who is responsible for this ransomware attack. There was a pseudonym Andy Saolis that was used in this attack. Although this news is not confirmed by any official authority but according to local media reports, MUNI would have to pay an amount equal to $73,000 in Bitcoin. After this payment, they will release their control from the metro system of San Francisco.

Even after the investigation is going on, there has been no clue of the attacker till now.

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