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As far as security in cyber world is concerned it is quite challenging nowadays. When companies such as Microsoft are sharing the data of their users to the third party websites, then it has become a major concern in the cyber world. It is quite evident now that the traditional cyber security practices won’t work nowadays. The news is that the Microsoft has shared Telemetry data from the Windows 10 users with the third party.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are now famous for providing security in cyber world, which in return helping many IT professionals. They are enabling them to work more efficiently at low security risk. They can identify the problem quickly.

The good news is that if you have been a Windows 10 users, Microsoft will now provide you a machine learning based threat intelligence feature. This is going to improve the security abilities of devices running on Windows 10.

But as the coin has two sides, this service comes at a cost. yes, it is not actually free. You will have to pay for this security service if you want to use this service. Yes, it is not free at all.

What company has to offer is “differential intelligence” feature. This feature is latest for Windows 10. It is dubbed as Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection abbreviated as WDATP. This WDATP helps the user to investigate the potential advanced attacks on the network to which their device is connected.

This has come true after Microsoft sign a deal with FireEye. It integrated iSight Threat Intelligence into WDATP (Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection)

After this collaboration with FireEye, FireEye can have access to all the telemetry data from each devices that use Windows 10. This news has been reported by ARN website from Australia.

Ken Gonzalez, the VP of FireEye has said that they have invested in threat intelligence and they are partnering with industrial leaders that would help them to achieve their goals. He said this in an official press release. He further added that by working with technological giant Microsoft, they were able to offer differential threat intelligence integrated within the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. This collaboration is surely going to make cyber world more secure than ever.

By the way, Microsoft has been collecting usage information of their users through Windows 10 that is sent to Microsoft.

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