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Basic Questions

What is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)?

SSL Stands for Secure Socket Layer and it’s a standard aids to provide security to the website by encrypting the information between a web server and a browser.

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What is CSR (Certificate Signing Request)?

CSR stands for Certificate Signing Request which needs to be filled with public key that enclosed with the data file which contains your website details

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Why you need SSL Certificates?

Your SSL Certificate holds information includes your company name, your address and your city name. In addition to that it also contains duration of SSL Certificates later that it will expire (It should be renewed).

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Why SSL is necessary to encrypt Sensitive Information?

The ultimate reason for SSL encryption is to encrypt the sensitive data of your website users. Typically, information you share over internet is passed from computer to computer to reach the destination server.

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How SSL protects web server from phishing?

Now a day, phishing emails are one such way to steal your website credential. These phishing emails usually reach your inbox with the script to get the password details from web server.

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Advanced Questions

What is PCI Compliance?

If your company processes credit/debit card transactions, you are required to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). As an individual you suffered your share but what about the online retailer you had purchased from? In fact, what about any firm that gets compromised?

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Why Companies Fail in PCI?

In a world that is distraught with cybercrimes and identity thefts, it is more than important for firms to secure their customers’ private information. You have worked hard to built and establish your business, which you wouldn’t throw away just like that.

With new data breaches occurring almost everyday and millions of sensitive information compromised, it is vital that firms accept and process payment cards to be PCI compliant.

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What is SHA1 SSL Certificates?

SHA-1 algorithm is the most widely used digest algorithm today. On the whole, 98 percent of all SSL certificates that are in use today on the Internet are still using SHA-1.

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Why Should E-commerce be PCI Compliant?

Payment Cards Industry  Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a data security standard to be followed by retailers who handle, process, and store credit/debit card information.

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How to find whether the website has SSL or not?

Online buyers or sellers usually trust the web browsers representation or visual such as Pad Lock icon or Green bar indication in the address bar.

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