Googligan Android Malware hacks more than a million google accounts


Now everyone has experienced the Android. Every next person uses Android smartphones. If you own an Android smartphone as well, then you have to be cautious of the malware that has been used to hack million of google accounts.

This malware is pretty dangerous as this is taking down at least 13000 phones everyday. 13,000 android smartphones are becoming the victim of this malware. This malware is known as Gooligan. It has already exploited more than a million google accounts.

Gooligan Android Malware :

This malware Gooligan targets to steal the personal data from email and authentication codes installed in them. This can be pretty dangerous if you have saved something insensitive information in your email.

If hackers could hack into your account, they can have access to your private data as well. If they have got access to google account, they have access to your Google docs, google playstore, Google drive, G suite, Gmail and even Google photos.

How this Gooligan malware spreads?

The question is how this Gooligan malware spreads? This Gooligan malware is found with the third party apps. Researchers have informed us that there are many look alike Android apps which are released by third party just to make the user download the Gooligan malware. If you download and install such legitimate looking Android app, then this third party app sends the data of your phone to its Command and Control (C&C) server.

“If rooting is successful, the attacker has full control of the device and can execute privileged commands remotely,” researchers said in a blog post.

CheckPoint researchers have a far dangerous news to tell. If you are a currently using older versions of Android, then you are more prone to this Gooligan malware. These android versions that are vulnerable to this attack are Android Jelly Bean and Kit Kat. It also includes Android Lollipop. These Android operating system represents more than 74 percent of today’s existing Android version.

But the relief is that you can know if you have been a victim of Gooligan malware recently. Check Point has an online tool published to know if your device is infected with Gooligan malware or not. The name of the tool is Gooligan Checker. You can enter the address of your email to know if you were hacked. Run clean installation if you find that your device has been hacked.

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