GoDaddy is meant especially for the domain registry and web hosting services which is at its utmost need all around the world. One estimation shows that GoDaddy had more than 59 million domain names at the end of the year 2014 at its own management and they are the largest internet hosting service provider among many of its competitors.

Technical Review About GoDaddy CA

Godaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar with more than 12 million customers and 4000 employees. Godaddy’s SSL certificates are a hidden treasure in the industry. In addition to some attractive features, we read about some great affordable prices suitable for all sorts of people. Aims at offering scalable certificates at affordable prices and reasonable liability for your website’s protection, GoDaddy’s understandable certificate options enables a single and multiple websites protection simultaneously at the same time they protect multiple domains as well.

The Good:

We want people to be much more aware of GoDaddy’s Total solution for website hosting. In addition to their effective domain registry and hosting services we liked their SSL certificate options and features. We could not find a better solution with better prices similar to this all over the industry.


GoDaddy is offering competitive prices in the industry. Presence of wide variety of options enables the user to protect multiple websites and multiple sub-domains. Below mentioned are some of the basic features which we found with GoDaddy

GoDaddy’s prices are found to be competitive in the industry. Presence of SSL options enables protections to multiple websites and multiple sub domains. Some of the basic features and pricing of GoDaddy are as follows:

  • Protect one website
  • $59.99 per year for three years
  • Protect multiple websites
  • $100,000 and $250,000 options foe security options
  • $134.99 per year for three years
  • Security options for $100,000 , $250,000 and up to $1,000,000 liability for the various SSL options
  • Protect multiple websites
  • $269.99 per year for three years
  • $100,000 and $250,000 for liability

Website Optimisation

Advantages of SEO  optimization with an SSL certificate can be fully understood with the help of GoDaddy. GoDaddy SSL certificates are meant not only to give higher rankings but also to,

  • Increase the number of e-commerce conversions on your website.
  • Integrate easily with GoDaddy’s hosting and registry services.
  • Decrease the number of bounces, visitors who leave your website because of no SSL certificate.

Fast Issuance and Implementation:

We found that, with a GoDaddy hosted website, you can get fast turnaround time and implementation of your SSL certificate. Generally GoDaddy takes few minutes to issue its standard SSL certificates where as other advanced certificates will take nearly 3 to 5 business days for issuance. There will be a lot of email correspondence as well as verification of your legal name, address, contact number and many other relevant contact information which you have submitted during your initial request.

Browser Ubiquity:

In the SSL industry, browser ubiquity is having a very important standard. We found the fact that GoDaddy’s browsers are compatible with all the major internet browsers such as,

  • Safari
  • Google chorme
  • Firefox
  • Internet explorer

World- Class support:

Special offering of GoDaddy, world class support has been considered as the best in the industry. GoDaddy has won several awards for its successful customer service. We found that one of the noticeable and appreciable award which it had ever received includes the 2013 Steive awards for its customer service. 59 million domain names, 13 million customers counting and management have been maintained by them. While we look after the number of complaints in the BBB page, all these have been responded to prove GoDaddy is offering standard SSL certificate industry.

The bad:

While recommending GoDaddy for your SSL certificate needs,


  • Dramatically incubate distributed
  • Progressively streamline vertical
  • Synergistically impact viral
  • Authoritatively facilitate premier


  • Interactively monetize revolutionary
  • Conveniently repurpose enterprise-wide
  • Competently simplify stand-alone
  • Phosfluorescently redefine impactful


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