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Globalsign is the one with full certificate provider ability among the SSL provider. In addition to their SSL products they are providing additional identity services to their customers. It was founded in the year of 1996 and is currently owned by GMO cloud K.K. it offers powerful infrastructure.

Globalsign SSL Authority- Around $14.4 trillion markets has placed them as a major player with more secured connections among the organizations people, data and several other things and managing identity. Global sign offers standard secured HTTP pages with their corresponding improvements in the page load. As the nature of IP’s changes continuously it is expected to be a big issue in the future.   IPv6 complaint revocation services have made such misunderstandings to be sorting it out.

The Good:

We felt that Global sign is one of the major companies which is offering entry level SSL certificates for small entrepreneurs at an affordable rate. You can get individual SSL certificate with heightened security from globalsign SSL certificates.

Single Certificates Features :

One important factor which needs special consideration is the price of single SSL certificate. Here are some of the unique features of SSL certificates:

  • Up to 2048 and 256 encryption, ensuring high security
  • Fast SSL delivery , delivered within minutes of purchase
  • Wildcard capability to secure sub-domains
  • Alternate naming schema for websites

Quite affordable option for single SSL certificate

  • $249 per year
  • $448 for 2 years
  • $613 for 3 years

Scalability of Wildcard features:

Presence of wildcard options is incredible in the SSL industry. Single certificate will lead you to secure up to 100 sub-domains within your website. In order to secure unlimited subdomains, high level security costing $899 will be more effective and advisable. Globalsign offers the best wildcard support in the industry.

Quick turnaround time for all products:

One important thing which we noticed as a remarkable one in the global sign is its gurantee and fast issuance time for all individual certificates. Entry level SSL certificates can be issued with in few minutes for the customers, where as some other SSL certificates like extended validation SSLs may takes up to 10 business days for issuance. Below mentioned are some of the fast issuance time which we have noticed in the global sign:

  • Organizational single SSL certificates: 1-2 business days
  • Single SSL Domain certificates : within minutes
  • Extended SSL certificates 4-5 business days

High priced Wildcard certificates:

Price trend of Global sign SSL certificates are quite high compared to others. You can add upto 100 sub domains for your single site SSL. You can get unlimited number of subdomains by paying more and more. Some of the pricing points are as follows.

1-year certificate: $ 899

2-year certificate: $ 1528

3-year certificate: $2089

Compared to other competitors they are found to be affordable compared to the others in overall.

Only a 7day trial option:

We don’t like the fact they are having most expensive wildcard SSLs within the industry and they are found to be offering only a 7day trial period for their users. We felt that offering some few more days as a trial period for this much price will be more effective. Offering 14-30 days trial pack will be more and more effective and attractive for their customers.

The bottom line:

We admired that Global sign is a leading provider of single SSL certificates. We really like the fact that their wide variety of certificate options let their users to add upto 100 sub-domains to their websites.

High price and minimum number of trial pack offerings are the only drawback which we have noticed in global sign. We would like to see better price offerings for customers with increased number of duration’s.


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  • Professionally morph real-time customer


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