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GeoTrust the second largest SSL certificate provider all around the world, nearly 100,000 customers are making use of this type of SSL encryption security. 256-bit SSL encryption with the fast delivery time is its remarkable feature.

GeoTrust SSL Certificates – Site seal is another important feature which provides customized display will all the individual SSL certificate. In General GeoTrust offers SSL Certificate for Cheaper price with technical Geek support for installation.

Biggest advantage of having them:

  • Powerful portal management
  • World class support
  • Bulk pricing for partners and their companies
  • Enterprise level users.

We found that the Geo trust company is no longer in the market. But later it has been verified once I have gone through their official website. Certain sort of confusions regarding the actually owner of Geotrust is the reason behind such sayings.

Currently it has been owned by Symantec along with VeriSign around the year of 2010 at the dollar deal of 1.28 billion.

The good:

Geo Trust offers a standard certificate with greatest possibilities of enhanced Verification (EV). It was a great solution for those customers who would like to experience some of the incredible features of them

  • Affordable price for extended validation
  • Unlimited server licenses per certificate
  • Alternate name support for websites
  • Issuance time of certificates is faster compared to other competitors.
  • SSL certificate management console.

it enables the customer to identify the status of the certificate until issuance, access to support and many more. Ability to find the running out time of management console i.e. exact expiry date of the certificates can be identified and rectified.

Safety and security:

Little bit more affordable compared to their other competitors, sometimes we may have some doubts regarding shortfall in the security. $1.5 billion is the highest liability certificate offered by GEoTrust.

Trust Logo:

We also liked the fact that website has proper explanation for its security trust seal. This type of trust logos are more important for e-commerce helping.

  • Reduced number of bounced visitors for a website
  • Creating trustworthy website and support them
  • Increased conversion.

Presence of trust seal explains the detailed information about the security.

  • SSL certificate & its expiry
  • Click on the seal to verify the domain
  • Organizational, date and time stamp
  • Number of industries server:

Number of industries served by the Geotrust SSL certificates are as follows.

  • Education for FERPA compliance
  • Banking and finance
  • Health care to ensure HIPAA compliance
  • Government

An affordable option for small scale businesses
for small business enterprises quick SSL Premium is a great idea, compared to other types of true business ID SSL certificate they are found to be affordable.

  • Safe and fast domain authentication
  • 256- bit SSL encryption
  • Geotrust Stamp
  • $500000 warranty

The bad:

Some special concerns with geotrust. As there is no BBB profile we would like to know about, ranking among customers, certificate validation process, issuance time,

Different validation times for different products:

Quick SSL certificates can be issued validated and verified within few minutes. True businessID has enhanced validation had 1-10 business days of issuance. Other than that issuance time was consistent for all the other products.

High Price for Wildcard certificate:

We has some issues with its pricing. By making use of this certificate you can secure unlimited number of domains as well as subdomains. Other than that price for 3 years wildcard SSL certificate was very high. For three years it costs $1248 where as its competitor is offering three year wildcard certificate for $404.95.

The bottom line:

We found that Geotrust is on the little expensive side compared to some of its competitors. They have high level of legitimacy and high level of warranty coverage for the websites upto$1.5 million. Providing extra a little bit support to the resource page can be made effective. Other than that all the prices and features are looking good.


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