The famous Hacktivist released from Jail


Recently, the anonymous hacktivist is released from jail. This news has come through the media reports. Actually, it was the Barrett Brown who was freed from the jail on Tuesday morning. He served jail for more than four years. He is a journalist and he was working as an unofficial spokesman for the hacktivist collective Anonymous.

Unknown FBI agent

He was an investigative journalist born in Dallas who was arrested four years ago. He was arrested in the year 2012. His arrest was quite dramatic as well. He was caught while he was chatting online with someone. He had just posted some tweets and a YouTube video that threatened to take revenge against an unknown FBI agent.

It was 2011 when Barrett Brown first had the attention of law enforcement. He shared a hyperlink to an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) where there was the distribution of stolen information by the group Anonymous. This hack exploited 200 gigabytes of data that had everything personal including personal email addresses, credit card number and other information related to it. This information had personal information of US Army, Miami Police Department and even US Air Force.

He was facing 100 years sentence of jail but he was convicted in January 2015 to spend at least 5 years in jail with a fine of nearly $900,000. He had already spent two and half years in jail. That is why this term was added in his further punishment in jail.

He was pleaded guilty for the crimes such as hindering a search warrant and making threats through internet. He was also an accessory to the unauthorized assess of a protected computer device.

Department of Justice says that sharing hyperlink is crime. This is a crime because the guilty shares the data with another person who is online without any knowledge of the Stratfor and the card holders.

He was in Three Rivers Federal Correctional Institution in San Antonio, Texas, where he was released after completing his jail term. He was working as a writer over there during his jail term.

On the release of Barrett Brown, even Edward Snowden, Former National Security Agency (NSA) subcontractor, tweeted about this early 5 month release. His tweet was:

“Jailed since 2012 for his investigations, #BarrettBrown has finally been released from prison. Best of luck in this very different world.”

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