Ex-US Prez ordered full review of possible Russian hacking in US election

US Election Cyber security

President Barack Obama ordered the US intelligence agency to conduct a full review of attacks against Democratic Parties of USA. He took this decision in the final month of his office. Public were dumbstruck when Donald Trump won the US general elections of 2016. Many suspected that this pre election cyber attack affected or even changed the course of the US general election 201’s outcomes.

USA General Election 2016 – Cyber Attacks!

Almost all the Intelligence agencies of USA attributed these catalogues of attacks (cyber attacks) to Russia that might have caused to disturb the elections result of US general elections2016.

White House spoke person Eric Schultz confirmed this news before the media. He quoted that the President of the United States of America had instructed to find out a the pattern of malicious cyber activities that was related to the presidential elections this year. He took this decision earlier this week and this was confirmed by the White House spoke person.

There was even an event that was hosted by White House’s counter- terrorism adviser Lisa Monaco. In this the adviser told that the president of the United States of America had directed the Intelligence agencies of US to conduct a full review of everything that happened during the elections of 2016.

President Barack Obama

The media was informed that the president Barack Obama was expecting the full review of this catalogue of pre-election cyber attacks affecting the result before the end of his term. That is why the work on the full review is going on a very fast pace. Donald Trump is the new elected president of USA and he is going to take Obama’s power in January 2017. The newly elected president Donald Trump is going to take the White House office by January 2017. That is why the full review project is currently on a very fast pace.

This announcement was done after Democrats forced the White House office to make the information related to Russian cyber attack public. There was a pressure on White House to make information and details of cyber attacks done by Russia.

Monaco, the counter terrorism adviser of the White House, has suggested that the new president and his team should take major steps that would ensure that such cyber attacks would not happen in future at all. In the meantime, Trump does not believe that this attack was done by Russia.

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