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Entrust is a digital security provider and a privately owned organization having more than 350 engineers specialists in software’s and other professionals are there. Identity management, security software, public key infrastructure are some of the additive features which have been included in their service.

Entrust is offering Digital certificate, mobile authentication for hosted websites. Dallas/ Fort Worth area is the place where its headquarters is placed.  It has both the private and public organizations nearly around 60 countries all around the world. Thomas bravo has passed this company for $124 million.

The good:

We have been admired by the features of entrust which comes up with both the standard as well as wildcard SSL certificates. Similar to the other standard SSL certificates entrust offerings are found to be more effective.

Alternate naming:

Once you bought single site standard SSL certificate you can secure both the domain with the www. Label and without the www. Label. This feature is found to be more effective compared to other competitors.

Expiry notifications:

Multiple expiry notification in entrust enables its user to be more successful and effective. There is no need of keeping remainders to notify its expiring date. Multiple email notifications will be received in your email.

Mobile Certificates:

Entrust is offering mobile certificates with cloud based solution in the mobile platforms. One best thing regarding this certificate is that there is no need for mobile usernames and passwords on VPN and wireless access.

The bad:

Price is the thing which was concerned about the entrust. The price rate rapidly increases to high rate once we have chosen SSL certificates with entrust. We found that the price offerings given by entrust is high, you can save 18% when purchasing a certificate for three years, which is found to be twice as much as their competitors are offering.

Lack of fast issuance:

We found that their competitors are offering certificates with fast issuance time. While there are certain kind of SSL certificate 1or 2 business days. We would like to have faster issuance for what cost the customers are paying for them.

Low warranty Coverage amount: Warranty coverage with entrust is that the liability will not be exceeded.

Lack of image website stamp:

We wanted to look at the websites image logo. Offering special site seal to show that you are using a Standard SSL certificate. Wide variety of preparations and capabilities are there to verify the capabilities of trusted site deal.

No limited site deals:

We found serious problems with the wildcard domains. Up to 250 sub domains can be added to such SSL certificate.

  • Up to 10 free sub-domains as subjects all names ( SANs)
  • Up to 40 optional related wildcard domains as SANs
  • Up to 250 non related fully qualifies domain names as SANs
  • On the other hand it offers unlimited sub domains. As it costs high, 250 sub-domains

The bottom line:

Comparing the prices, their prices are found to be a bit high. Apart from that some of the features provide with the certificates are somewhat limiting. For instance, wildcard certificate can secures only up to 250 different types.  It also does not have any entrust, wildcard. We also don’t get any screenshot or image for the SSL seal.


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Technical journalist Stev Ballmer covers the latest technology news and trends, such as security, Apple news and app reviews for multiple publications.

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