DigiCert SSL Certificate Reviews

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DigiCert SSL Certificate Reviews
Digicert SSL Certificate

Digicert is a privately held organization which offers SSL certificates and SSL products at an affordable rate. It has been established in 2003 with its headquarters location at lehi, Utah, USA. Main motto of securing domain using high end SSL certificates has made them to be at the top of the list among their competitors.

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About DigiCert SSL

DigiCert, a private company from US, provides the SSL certificates, the strongest encryption designed, as a reliable third party. DigiCert verifies reliability of secured and protected websites in trust of web browsers to cease the online phishing scams.Availability of SSL Management tools and SSL certificates for all sorts of business activities has made them to be more reliable one among the internet security sources.Top most Social networking sites such as Facebook,Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.. are some of the sites which are experiencing the benefits of dig-i-cert SSL certificates and its unique features.

Due to its unique features the regular online users are rating this digicert SSL certificate as an effective one. By sharing and discussing the Digicert SSL certificate reviews here you can make your friends and relatives also to be successful in their businesses.

Types of DigiCert SSL Certificates

  • Extended Validation EV-SSL certificates
  • Extended Validation EV Multi-Domain
  • Code Signing Certificates
  • SSL Wildcard certificates
  • SSL Plus certificates
  • Document signing certificates

Availability of strongest encryption with 2048 bit and SHA-2 has made them to be more successful among their competitors. Whatever the type of Digicert SSL certificate you are going to choose, make sure that they are satisfying your demand by providing perfect identity assurance with green address bar. in case if you have any doubts regarding the selection of right kind of option for you, then you can go through the Digicert SSL certificate reviews it can help you to decide the best option for you  by comparing in certificate features with the others.

If you would like to be a smart business owner then start utilizing or experiencing the benefits and features of digicert SSL certificate. By doing so, you can get strong authentication, comprehensive approach, global security and enhanced assurance to your websites easily at an affordable rate. Referring the reviews and sharing your views as reviews can mean a lot to the internet users as well as the customers.

Digicert Author Reviews

DigiCert has set the bar high for SSL standard that other companies have to walk an extra mile to sustain in the throat-cutting atmosphere. The primary service of the DigiCert is Organization Validation and Enhanced Validation (EV) SSL certificates.

  • It is suitable for small business companies’ websites. Digicert provides the best service for single domain websites. Our trust in Digicert is multiplied as they provide unlimited duplicate certificates and reissues and unlimited server licenses. Alternate subject names are another advantage. If you have a domain www.lockssl.com, it provides an alternate name as lockssl.com that helps in the authentication from the browser without any hassles.
  • Their 24/7 service has made it possible to process website certificates within an hour. You can get your website certificate in a matter of an hour only. Moreover, their customer service is accredited with A+ for its splendid customer care support.
  • According to DigiCert’s research, 63% of the customers won’t buy anything from the website if it is not backed by SSL. So, DigiCert has endeavoured to provide the DigiCert stamp that get tagged on your website. It makes your website more trustable when it has SSL certified stamps.
  • Unlike other SSL certificate authority, DigiCert allows unlimited reissues of the certificate. If a company does not reissue unlimitedly, then you would have to buy different certificates for different domains.

Domination in healthcare services

DigiCert has been constantly upgrading its SSL certificate to incorporate wider scope of constantly flourishing internet business. DigiCert is dominating in healthcare sector websites. They are connected with healthcare services for billing and imaging purposes. DigiCert carries wildcard certificate with which you can easily fit one SSL certificate in your online sub-domains. All these features come at a cost that might slip out of an average customer. Their price is un-competitive with other companies.

DigiCert can be the best choice if your requirements are high end but their prices are ridiculously high. All the features including alternating naming scheme has bagged favourite spot DigiCert in our list.

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