Cyber attacks take down a million of offline routers

botnet attack

Mirai Botnet is spreading as the day passes. The reason of Mirai Botnet getting stronger could be the insecure Internet-of-Things devices. There was a news even in the last month that Mirai Botnet disabled the internet worldwide. It even stopped the working of many popular websites available in the internet.

Now, there is another news about Mirai Botnet. It has taken down more than 900,000 broadband routers. This is now a dangerous situation of which cyber security authority should be aware of. These routers belonged to Deutsche Telekom users in Germany. This cyber attack has affected the television connection, telephone connection and internet service in the country.

Deutsche Telekom is a German internet provider. They have more than 20 million customers. They offer a legion of services to these customers. On their Facebook page they have confirmed that more than 900,000 users of Deutsche Telekom are affected by the recent attack of Mirai Botnet.

Routers made by Speedport and Zyxel were vulnerable to such attacks. These routers were vulnerable to Remote code execution flaw. This same vulnerability affected another brand of modems previously. This brand was Eir D1000 wireless routers which was later on rebranded as Zyxel Modem. This brand is deployed by Irish internet service provider named Eircom. But there are no traces found that these modems were extensively affected with the attack of Mirai Botnet.

As per the research and data of Shodan search, more than 41 million devices are such that they are left with 7547 ports. There are 5 million devices that have opened the TR-064 services to whole world.

SANS Internet Storm Center even published advisory for the protection of the devices. They published that honeyspot servers are the actual vulnerability. These servers are facing exploits and cyber attacks every 5 to 10 minutes.

Security researchers at BadCyber also found out that these attacks were launched from the Mirai’s command-and-control server.

Although the company says that their customers need not to panic in this situation. They advised to power down their routers. After powering down their routers, wait for 30 seconds.Thereafter, restart the router that will download the new firmware during the booting period. For this, they have issued the emergency pack for two Speedport router models namely Speed-port W 921V and Speedport W 723V Type B.

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