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Comodo is a company working online towards creating and developing customers trust over the internet. “Customer Trust Creation” is their main motto, vision and mission. A team of over 600 people are working towards meeting the online challenges with trust.

Comodo SSL Certificate Reviews – Comodo software is designed in such a way that can give protection and prevention to their customers from the malwares, Worms, Trojans and many more products. Comodo’s SSL certificates offerings includes both symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption. Comodo has been founded as a certificate Authority selling digital as well as comodo SSL certificates at a reasonable rate. Its primary source of revenue comes from business related products and its enterprises. Similarly their E-commerce product includes PCI compliance scanning and vulnerability Scanning of the website.  Even though it has been established around the year 1998 in the UK they are having several locations within the United States also.

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The Good:

We would like to know, “whether comodo was true to its words or sayings or not “while reviewing their SSL certificates. At last we found that they are offering the most robust SSL certificates compared to their competitors. Below mentioned are some of its unique features which we have identified while reviewing:

  • Fast issuance and validation once it is integrated into your server
  • 256-bit encryption and 2048 signatures
  • Works on 99.9%of browsers
  • World class industry leading support
  • Huge number of service licenses.
  • Liability for upto$1,750,000 (EV SSL)
  • TrustLogo that helps your business e-commerce increase conversion.

We were impressed utmost by its Trust Logo Program that they are using. We are happy to appreciate that this trust logo has been designed specially to increase your web conversions easily. Presence of TrustLogo on your website enables the user to feel safe and secured to use all of their credit card transactions towards buying goods and services from your company.

Presence of wildcard SSL certificate in them is one of its immediate features that we have noticed as remarkable one with Comodo. Is your business website is having several domains? Comodo is offering special Wildcard certificate for your website at an affordable rate along with the whatever the number of sub domains which you to add with them.

Another admirable features that we looked for with comodo is daily scanning of  your website. This kind of features enables your website daily scanning at regular intervals to determine its vulnerability of your website at an affordable rate. For every year subscriptions and purchases on your websites you can make use of this secure service at free of cost.

We are also looking forward for the best PCI compliance with comodo. Payment card complaint is a great feature which we have found on comodo. It enables you to make sure that your payment card site is up to date and secure for e-commerce. Comodo is offering a trails version certificates with 30 days validity for their customers. You can get back your money in case if you are not satisfied what you have experienced from comodo as well as SSL certificates.

The bad:

Its hard for us to find something that is hard or negative in comodo. For instance, in the SSL industry their services have been labeled as a pretty standard one with different “tiers” of SSL certificate services.

Only one thing which we have noticed as negative in Comodo is “ range of Warranty”. It has liability guaranteed with each individual products of Comodo. This feature will be a big drawback for those who owns a large businesses. Even though EV SSL is offering service up to $1,75,000 worth of liability still they are said to be a bit more expensive for small entrepreneurs. SSL and Wildcard certificates worths only upto $250,000 liability for a e-commerce websites.

Presences of Comodo resellers cause us some concern. Purchasing a “fresh” certificate is the best practice which can supplement your business products by giving the best line of security as possible.

Another concern which we have on comodo is its licenses which have been issued and revoked. As the result of poor issuing and revoking procedures by the certificate Authority several industries are having hacking experiences.

At last, a complaint with the BBB is one of the biggest complaint indicators in comodo. Presence of B indicates two unsolved complaints in them. Specifically ten of the complaints has been given on the Comodo’s products and services.

The Bottom Line:

We ultimately feel happy and excited to recommend comodo as a seller of SSL and wildcard SSL certificates. One and only thing where we would like to see improvement is higher liability limit with different license varieties. EV brand SSL certificates comes up with $1750, 000 worth of liability where as other brands of SSL came up with $250,000 worth of liability. Ultimately we would like to see better liability with Comodo.

Different annual subscription option is also attractive to us. By the use of Comodo you can generally save about 23% while purchasing your certificates on annual subscriptions.


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