Yahoo has a loophole that allowed hacker’s to read anyone’s email

Yahoo, an online mega giant in email industry, has patched a critical vulnerability in their security. Had they not patched this security vulnerability, then their mail service would be vulnerable to attacking and exploiting. This would have allowed any hacker to read any user’s inbox in Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail Attackers! Jouko Pynnonen is a Finnish Security researcher. He reported for the first ti...[Read More]

Ex-US Prez ordered full review of possible Russian hacking in US election

President Barack Obama ordered the US intelligence agency to conduct a full review of attacks against Democratic Parties of USA. He took this decision in the final month of his office. Public were dumbstruck when Donald Trump won the US general elections of 2016. Many suspected that this pre election cyber attack affected or even changed the course of the US general election 201’s outcomes. USA Ge...[Read More]

The famous Hacktivist released from Jail

Recently, the anonymous hacktivist is released from jail. This news has come through the media reports. Actually, it was the Barrett Brown who was freed from the jail on Tuesday morning. He served jail for more than four years. He is a journalist and he was working as an unofficial spokesman for the hacktivist collective Anonymous. Unknown FBI agent He was an investigative journalist born in Dalla...[Read More]

San Francisco metro system hacked that resulted in free rides!

When hackers are strong, they can hack into any system. They can hack into any organization whether be it a private or government organization. A similar case has happened in San Francisco when the hackers hacked into the metro system of the city with Ransom-ware that resulted in the free rides to the travellers. This incident took place on Friday. More than 2000 computers of at San Francisco̵...[Read More]

Cyber attacks take down a million of offline routers

Mirai Botnet is spreading as the day passes. The reason of Mirai Botnet getting stronger could be the insecure Internet-of-Things devices. There was a news even in the last month that Mirai Botnet disabled the internet worldwide. It even stopped the working of many popular websites available in the internet. Now, there is another news about Mirai Botnet. It has taken down more than 900,000 broadba...[Read More]

Do you know why Facebook buys leaked passwords from Black Market?

Facebook cares for you if you have come to know that Facebook buys leaked passwords from secret black market. Facebook does so to secure the accounts of its users. Facebook is reported to buy leaked passwords in order to keep the accounts of its users safe. Facebook Buys Leaked Passwords: We have two tech giants: Yahoo and Facebook. Yahoo did not tell its users about the hacking incident that happ...[Read More]

Facebook bug declares its users dead, including its co-founder

On the night of November 10, 2016, a Facebook bug declared its million of users dead. This bug did not even declared its CEO Mark Zuckerberg dead as well. On the profile page of Mark Zuckerberg, a message for “Remembering Mark Zuckerberg” was appearing. When many alive Facebook users logged into their account, they found out that their account has become “memorial account”. It suggested many users...[Read More]

The Worst Cyber Attack Of History

Never assume that your organization is immune against cyber attacks. Dreadful cyber attacks from China, attacks by Syrian Electronic Army, and Hacking Point of Sale Machines such as “Target” are already in news for their mischievous cyber activities. Never feel safe in this online world as such groups have damaged many governmental agencies as well. “HACKING TEAM” DATA BREACH Some unknown hackers ...[Read More]

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