How to Protect E-commerce Websites with SSL Certificate?

The last few years have spawned several e-commerce websites, courtesy the growth of Internet. The change in trend from the traditional brick and mortar stores is towards consumers switching over to Internet for shopping. Online shopping is convenient, saves a lot of time and money as websites entice customers with attractive deals and discounts. On the downside, this new trend has increased the ri...[Read More]

Google Exposed: The Tech Giant was Caught Stripping SSL from BT Wi-Fi users

As unbelievable as it sounds, Google’s campaign ‘encryption everywhere’ seems to have taken a beating following the ‘SSL stripping’ accusation. System admin Alex Forbes claimed that the tech giant had been striping secure search functions for British Telecom (BT) Wi-Fi users. Google SSL Stripping Exposed Described as ‘privacy seppuku,’ the move has definit...[Read More]

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