Your headphones can be a spy!

When such news break before the public, it is quite obvious that we get shocked by such news. The hot news nowadays is that even your headphones can spy you. Even if you have disabled the microphone feature in the headphone, you can still be tracked and spied. Before this news, there were possibilities that you could be spied through laptop cameras, mobile cameras and web cameras but headphones ha...[Read More]

Elon Musk planning to launch satellites for Global Internet from Space

Elon Musk always has a visionary plan for the betterment of human race. This time his plan is totally revolutionary. There are many big technology companies who are trying to bring internet to everyone. Companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft are trying to connect unconnected corners of the Earth with wireless devices, drones, and even laser beams. But, Elon Musk has something revolutionary ...[Read More]

6 million users data at risk!

Three is one of the largest mobile operators’ that has become a victim of cyber crime. The news is that 3 Mobile UK has been hacked and their 6 million users’ data is at risk now. The report says that this breach and exploit might affect information and contact of the customers of 3 Mobile UK. Company has not denied anything. Moreover they have admitted that the latest data breach was on Thursday ...[Read More]

No need to turn off iCloud Backups, iPhone still sends call history to Apple

AS far as encryption is concerned, Apple products are always appreciated. They have been proving and telling the customers that their devices have encryptions like no other devices in the market. But this might not be true. According to a security report by a security firm, they have found that Apple stores logs of its users for 4 months in its online syncing base iCloud. They save users’ log even...[Read More]

The most infamous Dutch hacker escapes jail

This dutch hacker is infamous for almost taking down the internet in 2013. This attack was considered as one of the deadliest attack in cyber crime history. This cyber attack crime was against anti-spam group Spamhaus. Spamhaus is a non-profit group that works against spamming. He escaped jail on Monday. He was sentenced to 8 months of jail term only. He was jailed for 8 months because most of his...[Read More]

Google Pixel hacked by Chinese hackers in 60 seconds only

Google has so much expectation from their flagship smartphone but they tasted defeat for the first time when Google Pixel was hacked within a minute in PwnFest 2016 by Chinese hackers. The hackers who hacked the Google Pixel were white hat hackers called Qihoo 360. This hacking festival was held in Seoul, South Korea where a team of Chinese hackers Qihoo 360 hacked the Google Pixel smartphone with...[Read More]

How to Safeguard Mobile Applications from Cyber Attacks

Mobile applications are fun and have made our lifestyle very convenient. But as with any advantage comes a disadvantage. Smartphone apps play vital gateways to malware attacks, similar to Web applications. With the exception of few smartphone manufacturers, it is high time the rest thought about mobile security as the topmost priority of development. The Safety of Mobile Applications In June 2014 ...[Read More]

5 Major SSL Security and HTTPS Issues You Could Face Online

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), which uses SSL security, provides protection and identity verification, so that you know you are connected to the correct site and no one can spy on you. However, that is just the theory. In practice, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) on the Internet is kind of a complex web. This does not necessarily mean that SSL security and HTTPS encryption are worthless, a...[Read More]

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