Googligan Android Malware hacks more than a million google accounts

Now everyone has experienced the Android. Every next person uses Android smartphones. If you own an Android smartphone as well, then you have to be cautious of the malware that has been used to hack million of google accounts. This malware is pretty dangerous as this is taking down at least 13000 phones everyday. 13,000 android smartphones are becoming the victim of this malware. This malware is k...[Read More]

Beware! Wifi Signals can leak your passwords.

WindTalker – WiFi interference can be used to steal your passwords, PINs and keystrokes. This can be stolen from your phone by looking at the changes in the wireless signals when you type passwords and PINs on your smartphone. This new technique has been demonstrated by a group of researchers from the Shanghai Jaio Tong University, the University of Massachusetts at Boston and the University...[Read More]

PCI Compliance Falls Under the Scanner Following Massive Security Breaches

Following the numerous huge data breaches, security experts have begin to question the effectiveness of Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. Should the PCI protocol do more than just securing a site or should it punish the companies that do not comply? Why Do Experts Question the Credibility of PCI? After the high-profile Target and Home Depot data breaches, experts cannot help but ask how did ...[Read More]

Eight Effective Tips to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Hackers focus on identity theft to steal sensitive personal information like your emails or your physical mailing address, it can also be your social security number, financial details or your social security number. Hackers steal these information to open a credit card in your name. These details can help the cyber criminals to take a loan in your name too. Credit card fraud can occur when a crim...[Read More]

5 Best Practices for Securing Small Business From Data Theft

Database security is all about ensuring that the data stored in a database is secured and available whenever needed. Over the years, databases have been highly safeguarded to defend cyber thieves via security measures incorporated over the network. Developers have built threat detection systems to avoid network based intrusions. Protecting database systems of small businesses has become the greate...[Read More]

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