Netgear collects Data. This is how you can disable it.

Most of the routers collect data from your network and there is no denying in this. There were few routers who did not collect data and respected privacy of the user. Last week Netgear has rolled out a new update in which the firmware collects the data remotely. It actively collects the router’s analytics data and it transmits the collected data to the company. The firmware update is for the route...[Read More]

Windows Bitlocker Encryption can be defeated with an easy trick!

It is now possible to defeat the Windows Bitlocker with just a simple trick. It is now a concern for your security. You should be beware of this as someone might use this against you. You have to be concerned especially when your computer runs on Windows operating system and it uses Windows Bitlocker hard drive encryption software. By breaking the bit locker down, anyone who has physical access to...[Read More]

Microsoft shares data with third party

As far as security in cyber world is concerned it is quite challenging nowadays. When companies such as Microsoft are sharing the data of their users to the third party websites, then it has become a major concern in the cyber world. It is quite evident now that the traditional cyber security practices won’t work nowadays. The news is that the Microsoft has shared Telemetry data from the Windows 1...[Read More]

Now introducing the hack proof Kaspersky OS

Kaspersky is a cyber security company that specialises in computer antivirus. Now, the Kaspersky has launched its very own operating system. This operating system is called Kaspersky OS. This Kaspersky OS was in development stage since last 14 months as they have decided to build their own OS from the very beginning. They decided their Kaspersky OS not to be based on Linux. The special element for...[Read More]

FBI hacks into 8000 computers by using a single warrant

It is a latest news that FBI has hacked 8000 computers in 120 countries by making the use of single warrant only. It happened when FBI was investigating into the dark web pornography websites that had porn stars under 18 years of age. This has been disclosed in a latest published court filings. This FBI hacking was due to their campaign against a very famous and posh child pornography Playpen case...[Read More]

Spread Locky Ransomware entering through Facebook Messenger

There have been rise in receiving of messages in Facebook Messenger with an image in .SVG format from friends and others alike. If you want to stay safe online, please avoid clicking it. There is an spam spreading on Facebook and it is spreading through these .SVG files to infect your computer. This spam is distributing spam malware downloader on devices who chose to click on .SVG formats sent in ...[Read More]

Oracle buys Dyn for $600 million

Oracle has bought the Dyn for more than $600 million. Dyn is a DNS provider company. This buying off has shocked the internet world last month. This has come as a total surprise as it was not expected at all in the cyber market. Oracle Overview: Oracle is the software company. On Monday, they announced that they are going to buy Dyn. Dyn provides the Domain Name System (DNS) and it even provides c...[Read More]

Hack a Linux machine by pressing “ENTER” for 70 seconds

Yes, this is absolutely true. A hacker can pass the authentication tests even if he has more than a minute of time on some of the Linux machines out there. A hacker can hack a linux machine by holding down the “ENTER” key for 70 seconds only. What is the conclusion of this? This act provides a shell to the hacker that grants root privileges. The root privileges give complete remote control on the ...[Read More]

Backdoor sends users’ personal data to China

If you own an Android smartphone, then this can be a worry to you. Well, it is not in every phone that users’ personal data is exposed but it is seen that in 700 million smartphones, these smartphones are secretly sending text messages to China. This sending of messages are occurring in every 72 hours. Backdoor sends phone calls to China More than 700 million smartphones that run on Android operat...[Read More]

Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation

It might be unbelievable to most of us but it is very true. Microsoft and Linux are one of the largest online companies and their coming together might not sound true but in this case, it is a very true case. Microsoft has joined Linux foundation as a highest paying platinum member. Microsoft is opening day from day and that could be the reason that they joined the Linux foundation lately. At the ...[Read More]

Russia bans LinkedIn in Russia; Facebook and Twitter might next be in line

This news came in the end of the October. Russian courts have decided to ban LinkedIn in Russia. LinkedIn is a Microsoft owned professional social website. LinkedIn is currently the largest professional social website. This ban will be followed from Monday. This decision was taken by Russian court when they found the LinkedIn violating Russia’s data protection laws. Why Russia Bans Linkedin? Accor...[Read More]

Hackers hack Google Pixel and Microsoft Edge at Pwnfest 2016

Google’s flagship smartphone was launched a few months ago but it has come under doubt whether Google Pixel is safe and secure or not. It has been hacked in Pwnfest 2016 within 60 seconds. Yes, you have heard it right that Google Pixel was recently hacked. Fortunately, this hack was done by a group of white hat hackers. This hack happened at Pwnfest 2016 hacking competition held at Seoul, South Ko...[Read More]

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