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Technical Writer and IT Analyst. She is a Cyber Security Analyst with a keen eye on the Cyberspace and other tech related developments.

Yahoo has a loophole that allowed hacker’s to read anyone’s email

Yahoo, an online mega giant in email industry, has patched a critical vulnerability in their security. Had they not patched this security vulnerability, then their mail service would be vulnerable to attacking and exploiting. This would have allowed any hacker to read any user’s inbox in Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail Attackers! Jouko Pynnonen is a Finnish Security researcher. He reported for the first ti...[Read More]

Now introducing the hack proof Kaspersky OS

Kaspersky is a cyber security company that specialises in computer antivirus. Now, the Kaspersky has launched its very own operating system. This operating system is called Kaspersky OS. This Kaspersky OS was in development stage since last 14 months as they have decided to build their own OS from the very beginning. They decided their Kaspersky OS not to be based on Linux. The special element for...[Read More]

Spread Locky Ransomware entering through Facebook Messenger

There have been rise in receiving of messages in Facebook Messenger with an image in .SVG format from friends and others alike. If you want to stay safe online, please avoid clicking it. There is an spam spreading on Facebook and it is spreading through these .SVG files to infect your computer. This spam is distributing spam malware downloader on devices who chose to click on .SVG formats sent in ...[Read More]

Hack a Linux machine by pressing “ENTER” for 70 seconds

Yes, this is absolutely true. A hacker can pass the authentication tests even if he has more than a minute of time on some of the Linux machines out there. A hacker can hack a linux machine by holding down the “ENTER” key for 70 seconds only. What is the conclusion of this? This act provides a shell to the hacker that grants root privileges. The root privileges give complete remote control on the ...[Read More]

Russia bans LinkedIn in Russia; Facebook and Twitter might next be in line

This news came in the end of the October. Russian courts have decided to ban LinkedIn in Russia. LinkedIn is a Microsoft owned professional social website. LinkedIn is currently the largest professional social website. This ban will be followed from Monday. This decision was taken by Russian court when they found the LinkedIn violating Russia’s data protection laws. Why Russia Bans Linkedin? Accor...[Read More]

The Worst Cyber Attack Of History

Never assume that your organization is immune against cyber attacks. Dreadful cyber attacks from China, attacks by Syrian Electronic Army, and Hacking Point of Sale Machines such as “Target” are already in news for their mischievous cyber activities. Never feel safe in this online world as such groups have damaged many governmental agencies as well. “HACKING TEAM” DATA BREACH Some unknown hackers ...[Read More]

How to Safeguard Mobile Applications from Cyber Attacks

Mobile applications are fun and have made our lifestyle very convenient. But as with any advantage comes a disadvantage. Smartphone apps play vital gateways to malware attacks, similar to Web applications. With the exception of few smartphone manufacturers, it is high time the rest thought about mobile security as the topmost priority of development. The Safety of Mobile Applications In June 2014 ...[Read More]

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