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Technical Geek with knowledge on Ethical hacking, Attacks and Encryption. I love to create engaging contents of all types blogs, news and infographics community that looks and reads rich.

3 Nigerians scammers to be jailed in United States

The US court has sentenced 3 Nigerian scammers to get a jail of 235 years that they have to spend in the US prison. These criminals were involved in scamming people through online dating website. What they used to do was to spend their whole day trolling these websites if they could get contact emails. They wait for their reply and if their is a reply, they used to note their email and send them f...[Read More]

The famous Hacktivist released from Jail

Recently, the anonymous hacktivist is released from jail. This news has come through the media reports. Actually, it was the Barrett Brown who was freed from the jail on Tuesday morning. He served jail for more than four years. He is a journalist and he was working as an unofficial spokesman for the hacktivist collective Anonymous. Unknown FBI agent He was an investigative journalist born in Dalla...[Read More]

FBI hacks into 8000 computers by using a single warrant

It is a latest news that FBI has hacked 8000 computers in 120 countries by making the use of single warrant only. It happened when FBI was investigating into the dark web pornography websites that had porn stars under 18 years of age. This has been disclosed in a latest published court filings. This FBI hacking was due to their campaign against a very famous and posh child pornography Playpen case...[Read More]

No need to turn off iCloud Backups, iPhone still sends call history to Apple

AS far as encryption is concerned, Apple products are always appreciated. They have been proving and telling the customers that their devices have encryptions like no other devices in the market. But this might not be true. According to a security report by a security firm, they have found that Apple stores logs of its users for 4 months in its online syncing base iCloud. They save users’ log even...[Read More]

Backdoor sends users’ personal data to China

If you own an Android smartphone, then this can be a worry to you. Well, it is not in every phone that users’ personal data is exposed but it is seen that in 700 million smartphones, these smartphones are secretly sending text messages to China. This sending of messages are occurring in every 72 hours. Backdoor sends phone calls to China More than 700 million smartphones that run on Android operat...[Read More]

Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation

It might be unbelievable to most of us but it is very true. Microsoft and Linux are one of the largest online companies and their coming together might not sound true but in this case, it is a very true case. Microsoft has joined Linux foundation as a highest paying platinum member. Microsoft is opening day from day and that could be the reason that they joined the Linux foundation lately. At the ...[Read More]

Do you know why Facebook buys leaked passwords from Black Market?

Facebook cares for you if you have come to know that Facebook buys leaked passwords from secret black market. Facebook does so to secure the accounts of its users. Facebook is reported to buy leaked passwords in order to keep the accounts of its users safe. Facebook Buys Leaked Passwords: We have two tech giants: Yahoo and Facebook. Yahoo did not tell its users about the hacking incident that happ...[Read More]

Blacknurse Attack: A single computer to bring down large servers

Yes, you have read it right. You just need your laptop with a good internet connection to launch DoS (Denial of Service) to take down large internet servers and modern firewalls. You don’t need massive botnet to do so. Researchers at TDC Security Operations Centre have found out a new way to take down large servers with the help of a laptop with at least 15 Mbps of bandwidth. Anyone can launch a n...[Read More]

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