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I’m the Technical editor of news and commentary for Lock SSL. I put together our daily e-mail newsletter, I previously worked as Freelance technical writer.

Ex-US Prez ordered full review of possible Russian hacking in US election

President Barack Obama ordered the US intelligence agency to conduct a full review of attacks against Democratic Parties of USA. He took this decision in the final month of his office. Public were dumbstruck when Donald Trump won the US general elections of 2016. Many suspected that this pre election cyber attack affected or even changed the course of the US general election 201’s outcomes. USA Ge...[Read More]

Windows Bitlocker Encryption can be defeated with an easy trick!

It is now possible to defeat the Windows Bitlocker with just a simple trick. It is now a concern for your security. You should be beware of this as someone might use this against you. You have to be concerned especially when your computer runs on Windows operating system and it uses Windows Bitlocker hard drive encryption software. By breaking the bit locker down, anyone who has physical access to...[Read More]

San Francisco metro system hacked that resulted in free rides!

When hackers are strong, they can hack into any system. They can hack into any organization whether be it a private or government organization. A similar case has happened in San Francisco when the hackers hacked into the metro system of the city with Ransom-ware that resulted in the free rides to the travellers. This incident took place on Friday. More than 2000 computers of at San Francisco̵...[Read More]

Microsoft shares data with third party

As far as security in cyber world is concerned it is quite challenging nowadays. When companies such as Microsoft are sharing the data of their users to the third party websites, then it has become a major concern in the cyber world. It is quite evident now that the traditional cyber security practices won’t work nowadays. The news is that the Microsoft has shared Telemetry data from the Windows 1...[Read More]

Oracle buys Dyn for $600 million

Oracle has bought the Dyn for more than $600 million. Dyn is a DNS provider company. This buying off has shocked the internet world last month. This has come as a total surprise as it was not expected at all in the cyber market. Oracle Overview: Oracle is the software company. On Monday, they announced that they are going to buy Dyn. Dyn provides the Domain Name System (DNS) and it even provides c...[Read More]

Elon Musk planning to launch satellites for Global Internet from Space

Elon Musk always has a visionary plan for the betterment of human race. This time his plan is totally revolutionary. There are many big technology companies who are trying to bring internet to everyone. Companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft are trying to connect unconnected corners of the Earth with wireless devices, drones, and even laser beams. But, Elon Musk has something revolutionary ...[Read More]

Google Pixel hacked by Chinese hackers in 60 seconds only

Google has so much expectation from their flagship smartphone but they tasted defeat for the first time when Google Pixel was hacked within a minute in PwnFest 2016 by Chinese hackers. The hackers who hacked the Google Pixel were white hat hackers called Qihoo 360. This hacking festival was held in Seoul, South Korea where a team of Chinese hackers Qihoo 360 hacked the Google Pixel smartphone with...[Read More]

Adult Friend Finder exposes over 300 million users

You are fortunate if you did not know about this website before. Adult Friend Finder is a casual relationship website that has a large number of users. Adult Friend Finder has a tagline “hookup, find relationship or meet someone hot now”. They have suffered a major breach. This breach has happened for the second time for Adult Friend Finder. But unfortunately, this breach is even bigger than befor...[Read More]

Facebook bug declares its users dead, including its co-founder

On the night of November 10, 2016, a Facebook bug declared its million of users dead. This bug did not even declared its CEO Mark Zuckerberg dead as well. On the profile page of Mark Zuckerberg, a message for “Remembering Mark Zuckerberg” was appearing. When many alive Facebook users logged into their account, they found out that their account has become “memorial account”. It suggested many users...[Read More]

Post Phishing emails targeting NGOs and Think Tanks

Many people are curious to know: how exactly did Donald trump won the election? Hackers are taking advantage of this curiosity to hack your account. This all started when Donald Trump won 2016 US General elections. A group of hackers started their gimmick to hack US based think tanks inciting its users to install a malware on their computer. This is designed to fool users to install that malware i...[Read More]

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