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Jasi Ravi has written about high-tech for leading industry publications since the 2000s and wonders where it's all leading to. She is more interested on Tech & hack related news.

Googligan Android Malware hacks more than a million google accounts

Now everyone has experienced the Android. Every next person uses Android smartphones. If you own an Android smartphone as well, then you have to be cautious of the malware that has been used to hack million of google accounts. This malware is pretty dangerous as this is taking down at least 13000 phones everyday. 13,000 android smartphones are becoming the victim of this malware. This malware is k...[Read More]

Your headphones can be a spy!

When such news break before the public, it is quite obvious that we get shocked by such news. The hot news nowadays is that even your headphones can spy you. Even if you have disabled the microphone feature in the headphone, you can still be tracked and spied. Before this news, there were possibilities that you could be spied through laptop cameras, mobile cameras and web cameras but headphones ha...[Read More]

6 million users data at risk!

Three is one of the largest mobile operators’ that has become a victim of cyber crime. The news is that 3 Mobile UK has been hacked and their 6 million users’ data is at risk now. The report says that this breach and exploit might affect information and contact of the customers of 3 Mobile UK. Company has not denied anything. Moreover they have admitted that the latest data breach was on Thursday ...[Read More]

Beware! Wifi Signals can leak your passwords.

WindTalker – WiFi interference can be used to steal your passwords, PINs and keystrokes. This can be stolen from your phone by looking at the changes in the wireless signals when you type passwords and PINs on your smartphone. This new technique has been demonstrated by a group of researchers from the Shanghai Jaio Tong University, the University of Massachusetts at Boston and the University...[Read More]

Hackers hack Google Pixel and Microsoft Edge at Pwnfest 2016

Google’s flagship smartphone was launched a few months ago but it has come under doubt whether Google Pixel is safe and secure or not. It has been hacked in Pwnfest 2016 within 60 seconds. Yes, you have heard it right that Google Pixel was recently hacked. Fortunately, this hack was done by a group of white hat hackers. This hack happened at Pwnfest 2016 hacking competition held at Seoul, South Ko...[Read More]

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